frontsignBlue Ridge Marble & Granite Company was established in 2006.

The Memorial Division at Blue Ridge Marble & Granite Company produces some of the finest Georgia Marble Monuments in the world. We furnish personal monuments, markers, private and public mausoleums and a variety of decorative features. Every piece is calibrated to ensure a level surface with precise thickness. Our hand cutters are second and third generation marble fabricators with decades of experience who take pride in their work.

image1_bigWe do all kinds of carving from sandblast to full relief to create the perfect monument. We have a turning lathe and can turn anything from a small vase/urn up to big marble columns for a more extravagant monument.

Blue Ridge Marble & Granite Company Drafting Department has a full line of mausoleum designs as well as custom mausoleums for a one of a kind need. We offer a redi-build line that is delivered erected and ready to set in the cemetery.

carvedroseBlue Ridge Marble & Granite Company staff treats every client with the upmost respect, whether they are buying a small marker or a mausoleum.

We have preserved all files and records of any monument fabricated by Blue Ridge Marble & Granite Company, Canton Finishing Works, and Georgia Marble Company since the start up date of each company. With these records we can precisely replicate any monument.